Our Timeline

The first Club location opened in Whistler, British Columbia in 1994. Since then, the Club has grown to include eight locations across Canada, the United States and Mexico. As more Members joined the Club, more vacation options were introduced through our exchange program.

Today, more than 22,000 Members from 48 countries enjoy the Club Intrawest network and thousands of vacations with our collection of partners. Here are a few of the milestones and important dates in our history.

Club Intrawest in the Beginning

  • Our first Club location opens in Whistler, British Columbia in 1994
  • Club Intrawest — Tremblant, Quebec opens in 1995
  • Small collection of partner hotels introduced in 1996
  • Club Introduces ExtraOrdinary Escapes in 1998
  • Club's third location opens in Palm Desert, California in 1999

Our Second Decade

  • Club Intrawest — Panorama, British Columbia opens in 2000
  • Club Intrawest — Vancouver, British Columbia opens in 2001
  • ExtraOrdinary Escapes expands to include seven cruise lines and 125 hotels in 2001
  • Club Intrawest — Sandestin, Florida opens in 2002
  • ExtraOrdinary Escapes expands again allowing access to Intrawest resort homes in 2003
  • Club Intrawest — Blue Mountain, Ontario opens in 2004
  • Club Intrawest — Zihuatanejo, Mexico opens in 2004
  • Club Intrawest partners with Hilton Grand Vacations Club gaining direct booking access in 2006
  • Members able to search Club availability and make reservations online in 2007
  • Select ExtraOrdinary Escapes partners added to online booking engine, including Hilton in 2008

Club Intrawest's Future

  • ExtraOrdinary Escapes welcomes Interval International in 2012
  • Club Intrawest — Ucluelet is announced in December 2013 and opened in May 2014