Lights, camera, action! The Club Intrawest experience is always the star of the show. Here, we share little snippets of life as a Member, from the calm waters of Zihuatanejo Bay to the towering cliffs of Whistler Mountain.

Inside the Club Series

Family breakfasts in Whistler. Competitive tennis matches in Palm Desert. Romantic dinners in Zihuatanejo. Take a tour of some of our most popular Club Intrawest resorts.

The Mountain Retreat

Club Intrawest — Whistler

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Beyond the Fairways

Club Intrawest — Palm Desert

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Mexican Romance

Club Intrawest — Zihuatanejo

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Introducing Ucluelet

Vancouver Island, off the coast of mainland British Columbia, is home to Ucluelet and Club Intrawest's newest resort. While most are more familiar with Tofino 20 minutes to the north, Ucluelet is the quainter, undiscovered gem of the island.

It's called 'Ukee'

Team Members Trevor Bruno, President of Club Intrawest and Chris Thompson, Executive Director of Membership Programs, explain the unique nature of this Club location and how we ended up in UKEE, on the west side of Vancouver Island.

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Find Summer Series

We hit the road with Members on both the east and west coasts to tour the Club locations and all the sites in between. How will you find summer next year? Perhaps we can help.

Find Summer: Sea to Sky

We followed a West Coast couple from the Club in Vancouver, to the Club in Whistler one picture-perfect weekend.

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Find Summer: Cottage Country

From Blue Mountain to Tremblant, a family road trip is the ideal summer vacation.

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Mountain ♥ Series

At Club Intrawest, we have a lot of love for the mountains. After all, our first Club location was in Whistler, BC – arguably the best mountain resort in all of North America. Here, we share some mountain love from the ski and board season.

The Crosby Family

The Crosby family have been going to the Club in Whistler for 17 years. This is their Mountain ♥ story.

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Après Ski Party

We hosted an après ski party at Club Intrawest — Whistler with treats, refreshments and mountain giveaways!

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Ski Day

Team Members who work at the Club like to get up the mountain for a ski day, like the one captured here.

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