One of the great things about Club Intrawest is the scalability of the Membership. As a points-based system, you can create a Membership that’s the perfect size for how you vacation, or want to vacation, at any stage in your life. Each Membership is custom tailored to individual families and couples.


Resort Points are your travel currency to book accommodations at the Club and partner properties. Each year, you receive your allotment of Resort Points to use or bank for future vacations.

Planning the trip of a lifetime? You might need more Resort Points to take that European adventure. Bank or borrow Resort Points for the excursion – the Membership is incredibly flexible.

Super Size It

Another aspect of the Membership`s flexibility is the ability to purchase additional Resort Points – at any time. As your family grows and changes, you may need larger Vacation Homes to accommodate more kids, or you might be able to take more vacations than in previous years. Whatever the reason, the Membership can grow with you.

Gift It

Your Club Intrawest Membership can be passed along to friends or family. The legacy of vacations, today and tomorrow, is yours to give.

Click or Call to Book Your Vacation

Club Intrawest — Blue Mountain

Using your Membership is easy. Book your Club and partner vacations online, 24/7. Or call Member Services – your Club Intrawest travel consultants – for advice and assistance reserving any vacation.