Club Intrawest Members

How the Membership Works

It's actually pretty simple. As a Member, you receive an annual allotment of Resort Points – this is your currency to book travel. Each year you have the same number of Resort Points to use to book your vacations. Of course, you can always increase the size of your Membership so you have more Resort Points to use each year.

The minimum purchase is 125 Resort Points but sky's the limit. Some of our more elite Members have more than 1000 Resort Points.

The key to the Resort Points system is its flexibility. How so? Stay at the Club for one night or 20. Book a Studio for a couple's getaway or a 3-Bedroom for the extended family. And visit any time of year – winter, spring, summer or fall.

Club Intrawest Members

Hassle-Free Booking

Reserving your vacation at the Club or a partner property is easy, too. Use the online booking engine to check availability and reserve your stay on our web site. Or call the dedicated Member Services Team who can help you plan and book any vacation.