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We believe the concept of Membership is a powerful idea. Today more than ever before, people are looking for a true sense of belonging. A place that feels comfortable, familiar. A place filled with like-minded people with similar interests and values. We believe Club Intrawest is that place for our Members. Learn more about our Member Community.

Curious about where you can travel with a Club Intrawest Membership? While there are literally thousands of different vacations you can take, we've showcased a couple of the more popular trips here. More importantly, you're probably wondering how the Membership works – it's really quite simple. Learn about our unique, flexible travel currency called Resort Points.

It's one thing for us to tell you about the benefits of a Club Intrawest Membership. It's quite another to hear it from our Members themselves. So we've pulled together their stories, pictures and tips to give you some insight, from their perspective.

Experience the Club through our Members' Stories.

Club Intrawest Members