Not surprisingly, people are the cornerstone of Club Intrawest's success. The people who join as Members, the people who stay as guests and of course the people who work here. Club Intrawest is people-centric.

Inside the Club

Meet the Endo Family

Meet the Endos

Residents of Honolulu, Hawaii, the Endo family use their Club Intrawest Membership to vacation regularly…

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Members at Club Intrawest — Blue Mountain

How it Works

Members of Club Intrawest book their vacations using an annual allotment of Resort Points…

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Sun Seekers

Have you heard of Zihuatanejo, Mexico? It’s a quaint fishing village on the Pacific Coast…

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Members at Club Intrawest — Sandestin

We want you…To Vacation

A recent study found 59% of Americans feel vacation-deprived. One of the (many) benefits of timeshare is being forced to vacation every year.

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Club Intrawest — Whistler

Bucket List

Scratch items off your bucket list using your Club Intrawest Membership. Better vacations? Check. More quality time with friends and family? Heli skiing in the Rockies? Check and check.

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The One Day Family Boost

The One Day Family Boost

Shun schedules, throw out agendas and expect the unexpected. This is how the Levesque family reconnects in 24 hours using their Membership.

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