Boutique Accommodations in Popular Ski, Beach and Golf Resorts – and now Ucluelet, too!

We're more than just a private vacation club. We're a vacation community. Our Members share ownership of beautifully crafted Vacation Homes across Canada, the United States and Mexico – nine locations in total. Plus, Members have access to hundreds of partner hotels and resorts around the world.

Announcing our newest Club Location

Introducing Club Intrawest — Ucluelet. Team Members Trevor Bruno, President of Club Intrawest and Chris Thompson, Executive Director of Membership Programs, explain the unique nature of this Club location and how we ended up in UKEE, on the west side of Vancouver Island. Plus, see amazing footage of this one-of-a-kind destination.

Experience the Club through our Members

It's no accident that our new Club location is in Ucluelet. For years, Members having been vacationing at this extraordinary destination, soaking up the great wildlife (whales, bears, oh my!), storm watching and local West Coast charm. See what Members have to say about the entire Club experience, from Whistler to Zihuatanejo.